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About us
The company WhyHappen was founded by specialists-practitioners in the field of audit, information, and economic security.
Our company's employees have a proven track record of successfully implementing complex projects in major banks and insurance companies. Leveraging this experience and modern technologies, we now offer the whAnalytics FMS solution, which, as we believe, can help owners and managers of financial companies protect their business from fraudulent actions.
Despite the broad practical expertise of our specialists, we are a highly specialized company. Focusing our efforts on what we excel at—fraud prevention—enables us to provide our clients with professional and high-quality services. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our successful experience, and minimizing our own costs, our clients achieve results with significantly less time and financial resources than is typical for solving tasks of this nature.

We aim to help our clients achieve results through their work, reducing losses and providing them with the opportunity to grow their business and be financially stable.
Research is carried out with the grant support of the Skolkovo Foundation
WhyHappen Company
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