Ensuring Confidentiality
We work with financial organizations for whom ensuring confidentiality is the foundation of trusting relationships with clients, and thus, the success of the business. For our company, ensuring the confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost priority. We build our activities on the trust of our clients and on the reputation we earn by providing professional services for implementing anti-fraud solutions.
What We Are Guided By
  • We treat all information obtained during the execution of a contract with care, regardless of whether it is designated as confidential by the client or not.
  • We understand that as a result of a project, very sensitive information may be obtained by the client, which may be accessible only to a narrow circle of stakeholders even within the bank. We strive to organize our processes so that such results are obtained and processed by the client with minimal involvement from our side. This ensures the confidentiality of such information is fully maintained.
  • During the execution of the contract, only the employees involved in the project work with the information. The list of employees authorized to work with project information is always communicated to the client.
  • We strive to perform most of the work on the client's infrastructure, without transferring information outside its perimeter. If such a transfer is technically necessary, it is carried out only with the client's consent and using the necessary information security measures.
What We Never Do
  • We do not disclose any data about our clients, projects, completed tasks, or obtained results without obtaining written consent from the client.
  • We do not involve third parties in the execution of the project or transfer information about the progress and results of the work to third parties unless the client expresses such a need in writing.
  • We do not retain any personal information about the client or specifics of their work in our infrastructure unless required for the execution of the contract, and only in the agreed scope and duration with the client.